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The innovation of blockchain technology in the global system has sprung up several cryto investment opportunities bring about more investors to invest in various crypto platform all with the aim of making gain and enjoy benefits offered by the platform. These investments made via blockchain technology which serves as the best means transaction on the speedy, secure and transparent platform independent of a owner in conjunction with the crypto investment opportunities provided on various platform attracts the investor more there by bringing transaction.  I know lots of transactions are carried out on blockchain technology ever day because of its interconnected users in the globe.

This benefits offered with blockchain technology also comes with high transaction fees couple with traditional means of payment such as couple of days for confirmation, joint bodies who maintain strict policies who determine the source of fund and reason of transaction all which bring about delay in making payments just to mention a few.  This few listed problems causes a barrier In trading which eventually doesn’t give a breathing space for upcoming business platform to strive because these are few key features a business should have to carry out buying and selling transactions. There is need for a platform to give solution to this problem because most platform who come up with a solution fails due to too much users using their platforms. So they eventually fall back to the high side or round up.


Nexty is a platform based on blockchain technology with the aim of changing the future of making payments and helping businesses of all sizes and scope to overcome problems they face. The nexty platform will go about their innovation in perspective listed below

  • Instant transfer
  • Zero transfer fees
  • Price stabilization system

With the invention of the Duo Cryptocurrency Confirmation System invented by Nexty. With the Duo Cryptocurrency Confirmation System, all transactions will be transferred in near-instant (only delayed due to Internet connection) at no cost.


The dual crypto currency are of two types:

The former called NTY, is the main cryptocurrency for using in daily transactions. The latter called NTF, is for transaction confirmation system. Transaction confirmation system is built on a peer-to-peer network with specific criteria to meet operational requirements at no cost and instant transfer.

Holders of the second type of cryptocurrency will be rewarded with a small amount of cryptocurrency at the minor rate at the end of sealing round which is about 30-minute to 360-minute long guaranteeing the benefits to the individuals who contribute to transaction confirmation system. That’s a really great benefit of being rewarded for using the platform.

The reward for individuals who take part in the use this platform will be generated by the proof of foundation algorithm.

There will be a total of 40 billion Nexy coin generated by POW, and after that time, the machine system will only be responsible for transaction confirmation. With the Nexty platform technology and EcoBank who are partners in the Ecosystem of Nexty. Verification of contract via two bodies involved with transfers can be approved with reliability of the sending individual for loan. Everything needed was the information of digital contract between the sender and receiver. This means was developed to help business individuals in the buying and selling chain of market. The collaboration of Nexty platform and Eco banks has bought about the issue of Mater cards for the convenient making of payments of client in buying and selling process.

The provision of user friendly platforms on both mobile and web makes navigation of easy for  buying and selling payment all at no cost and instant transfer all at one click provided internet is available makes this platform best means of carrying out transaction.

Nexty foundation holders don’t have the right to vote for NTY currency decisions in the future, such as block size upgrades, mining speeds, transaction confirmation. The rights will belong to Nexty coin holders with fair votes. Only Nexty foundation coin holders will be given the right to build mining and confirmation machine for Nexty coin.

Nexty platform also crated another means income via nexty foundation coin by algorithm divided by the percentage of total nexty foundation coin generated by the proof of foundation algorithm.


Coin name: Nexty

Abbreviation: NTY Algorithm:

PoF Presale Date: December 12, 2017

ICO Date: December 19, 2017

Total coin supply for ICO: 11,000,000 pNTY (110,000,000,000 NTY)

Pool for Smart Staking: 4,000,000 pNTY

Development & Team: 2,000,000 pNTY

Marketing: 1,000,000 pNTY

Minimum stake age: 7 days

Maximum stake age: 360 days

Block spacing: in 2 second

Available on: August 12, 2018

Available for: Only holders of first 10,000,000 pNTY

Initial supply: 10,000,000 NTF 18

Maximum supply: 10,000,000 NTF

Type of coin: Rare

Dear readers, let’s all be part of this great moving train by investing in this great innovation given by nexty platform on a decentralized blockchain platform. Let’s invest in the future of carrying out costless transaction and instant transfer on a stabilized price system and aid upcoming business individuals via blockchain platform.



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