Beach Head: Classic but Futuristic

BeachHead is a pioneer in the virtual reality games and it will rack and revolutionized the gaming and cryptocurrency world this 2020

Posted February 2,2019 in Gaming.

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The crypto market has seen a crash  Bear Market as they say. The market seen the top coins and tokens to crash for nearly 50% to 90% in its ATH price way back 2017. This is a big upset for too many investors. It really shows how volatile crypto is. Cryptocurrency market is a huge industry, and because of that many project are putting use cases to adopt on the technology of blockchain andgaming industryis not an exception to it.

Last year alone it generates hundreds of billions of dollars and it increases over the years.

Beach Head is a classic fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping arcade-style game that was easy to play and addictive to the core way back 2000. Beach Head is pioneer on Virtual Reality Gaming too. With BeachHead 2020 (BH2020VR) vision they are not just racking and revolutionizing the gaming environment but the crypto industry as well.


The game is an arcade game and what is the coolest part about an arcade game? It is a game wherein it allows on different panel of games. First youll play on it independently, multi-player base, wherein youll enjoy the game as a group. The best part or the addictive about an arcade is not just the game itself but the scheme or the ecosystem built within the game. And one more good thing about BeachHead game is it allow users theNo pay to playfeature and I guess it is one of its kind. Much playing, much tokens or win to get.

The premise of BeachHead game is so simple; there are those who respect nothing and only seek conquest and destruction The Aggressors- and those of us who are forced to fight back to defend our lives, our freedoms and all that we still hold dear in our way of life The Defenders.


BHC and BHDs economy will be fueled by its players, entrepreneurs, marketers, vendors, investors, and coinholders. All of whom are participating within the games immersive virtual environment, to generate, create and transfer value. The coolest thing about their token and use case on the game is it allow Ripple Ledger Issuance Gateway. Whats cool about it? The cool about it is while youre in game-play the transaction for it will be just in seconds.

By becoming a BHT stakeholder, any business, marketer or vendor will instantly have the ability to gain massive exposure to potentially MILLIONS of loyal players around the globe.

But make no mistake, these are not just ordinary recreational players. These are players who will be paid with valuable BHT tokens for helping to defend BeachHead City. The more playtime they log, the more spendable tokens they accumulate. These tokens can be spent both within the VR game environment, as well as the real world.


The team behind BeachHead is truly immersive, very experienced on their fields and it is truly creative and business entrepreneurs. Lead by a renowned author, gaming entrepreneur and a designer for over 30 years no doubt Pepe Moreno will lead BeachHead to where it is headed.

You can read more about the team experiences and success here:


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