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It is an innovative payment method specially designed for Muslims to step in crypto world

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MenaPay platform is designed on the basics of block chain technology; to make the world's largest cashless payment network to support worldwide Muslims.First of all their plan is to, launch MENA region, in their own region Russian as MENA is from Rus.Middle East and North Africa.Their platform will mainly allows users to use their payment system on daily basis secure, decentralized and fast transactions that will surely fully comply with the rules of Islamic finance.The block chain technology is fully complying with the rules of Islamic finance and that enable transactions between two parties and to sure earning money on investments.

In most part of the world still centralized banks are operating and a lot of the peoples tired of using slow banking system and we need a revolutionary banking system that provide fast transactions at less cost. Block-chain is the solution but high volatility is the main issue for adoption and Menapay is planning to solve out this issue by creating stable coin due to which market volatility will not effect on it. Their team aim is to reach 1 Billion dollar market capitalization in mid of 2019.

MenaPay is going to replace our traditional way of payment methods by bringing a new way of payment method through the crypto currency market.Their project will provide complete security of transactions, and also will demonstrate the transparency in their payment methods.They will use a stable crypto coin called as Mena cash that will be equivalent to 1 US dollar.Their coin will be used in our daily life routine for merchants and consumers as well as in P2P transactions, green mining.Its kind of a non-bank payment method that will be convenient through mobile payment application that supports Arabic that will surely support Arabic speaking peoples to enter in crypto market from MENA.

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