What is Files.fm Project?

Files.FM is an info tech firm that builds simple to use yet powerful and advance and innovative software products for file storage apps since 2007. Files.FM is developing the FFL so as to give everyone a chance to transfer useful data for everyone to discover and access. FFM is that the na

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What is Files.fm Project?

Files.FMis an info tech firm that builds simple to use yet powerful and advance and innovative software products for file storage apps since 2007. Files.FM is developing the FFL so as to give everyone a chance to transfer useful data for everyone to discover and access. FFM is that the native platform token that permits users to participate within the Files.fm Library and gain rewards.

File.fm Libraryis a blockchain-based hybrid data library created and maintained by community andpowered by direct micropayments, token incentives, shared traffic, and storage. The library seeks to provide its users with space and a marketplace where they could upload their files for future preservation.

Files.FMis a worldwide active firm, their clients are based in areas around the world. It uses info canters the USA and Europe, as well as material (content) delivery edge servers and it gives worldwide support in English.

The platform has particular advantage for developing a plan for such a bugger scale they've overseen in the cloud file storage for over 10 years. The present Files.FM platform has just pulled in more than 750k registered users and relatively more than 2 million exclusive month to month guests.

Core Values of Files.FM it makes something people wish for. Strive for smooth yet elegant solutions. Respect our consumers and customers. Community issues, They like what they do and forever try to do superior.

File.fm's Mission:

Files.fmLibrary(FFL)toensuredatapreservationfor future generations,to eradicate illegal file sharing and to providea convenient and searchablefree to use file sharing. FFLcorner stones will beusability, community and content. We will implement powerful search engine and catalogue and the system will work in any web browser. The community will be motivated withFFLtokensto do usefulwork,wewillimplement a transparentblockchaindatabaseanduseTit-for-Tatprinciplesfor storage sharing. The content will be free to store and use, it will be available through free and fast P2P shared traffic and the intelligent property content will be sold using blockchain technology.

File.fm Benefits:

Legal File Sharing

FFL will eliminate the illegal issues in file sharing through implementation ofadvanced technology such as AIand cooperating with content creators. Additionally, FFL will ensure compliance with laws regarding content creators and owner by establishing libraries in EU, USA, and many more regions.

Sufficient Data Preservation

FFL will create a modern and digital file library based onblockchain technology, which will be ideal for storing, accessing, and tagging files for users all around the world. This will enable the platform preserve the digital files for future use.

Unlimited File Sharing

FFL will not have any restrictions to sharing bulk files and will not require the users to pay for download traffic or any other maintenance costs.

How Does File.fm Works?

Users can access the FFL platform to search for content by inputting keywords or any other parameters. Once they locate the files they are interested in, they can select the file to use online either through viewing, listening, reading, or downloading it depending on the content type. In some cases, some of the files are usually for sale and the user will be required to purchase it using FFL tokens.

Users can also upload their files to the library and, before publication, other community members will have to vote for the content in terms of how useful and clean it is. The file is thenindexed using AI toolsand sent to the P2P networks desktop clients where it is stored and served to other users. If the file is intended for sale, the user can add the price for file before or after uploading the file.

Furthermore, users can sort the file contents by adding them metadata such as keywords, tags, descriptions, links or marking the content as illegal or copyrighted. If the data added by the user is similar to what other users add, the user will receive FFL Tokens. If the system detects that the user is constantly inputting data that is different, the user will be punished with a FFL token withdrawal or ban from the platform.

Copyrighted content on the FFL platform is sent to the unassigned author copyrighted category where their rightful owners can claim the file and add a price to them or request their removal from the platform.




Token Sale Detail:

  • Token: FFM
  • Token protocol:ERC777/ERC20
  • Total token supply: 10 Billion
  • Token supply during ICO: 2 Billion
  • Token price: 0.01 USD
  • ICO date: 02/01/19
  • Accepted currencies: USD, EUR,BTC,ETH, Bank Wire Transfers
  • Soft Cap: $ 3,000,000
  • Hard Cap: $ 20,000,000

For more information:


ANN -https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4949343.0

Twitter -https://twitter.com/files_fm

Facebook -https://www.facebook.com/Filesfm/

Whitepaper -https://files.fm/f/952tqfun

Telegram -https://t.me/filesfm


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