The Ministry of Education announces the beginning of mentors accreditation in the Decenturion State

Mentoring is an effective and popular way to transfer professional knowledge and skills in various fields of activity from a more experienced entrepreneur or specialist (mentor) to a less experienced (protégé)

Posted November 11,2018 in Economics and Trade.

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Every citizen of the Decenturion State can be accredited and become a mentor. Becoming a mentor is not only honorable, but also very profitable since mentors can have a huge base of interested students and receive tuition fees in fixed amounts for certain methods and courses, and as a percentage of the income of their students. We introduce the innovation process of the relationship mentor  student, where everyone gets the benefit (win-win) in the growth of economic well-being. Our approach is that the mentor is directly interested in increasing the students income since the mentor himself receives a percentage or a fixed amount from these incomes. All activity of mentors, first of all, should be directed to the growth of students income and to the development of the Decenturion economy as a whole.

Mentoring is a unique educational system that not only provides new theoretical knowledge to citizens but is built to bring the citizen to a practical result in the field that the mentor teaches.

A mentor is a specialist who has been accredited and is ready to transfer their knowledge to students, primarily in the field of the state order, which is associated with an increase in student welfare, as well as with the growth of the Decenturion State economy as a whole.

The Decenturion State is primarily interested in attracting mentors from the following areas:

  1. Fundamentals of running traffic, traffic arbitrage, presentations and invitations of new citizens to the Decenturion State.
  2. Trading and working with tokens of startups of the Decenturion State.
  3. Reselling of startups, promoting the ideas of Decenturion through social networks, channels, blogs and instant messengers;
  4. Basics of a crypto-economy  financial literacy and the economic model of the State;
  5. IT-technologies and interaction with startups in this area.

In the nearest time, we also need personal growth specialists that can help students become more self-confident, that can lead the students to a greater ability to sell, make personal invitations, make calls and appointments, etc.

We also need specialists in English language training, as this can expand sales for citizens who are able to speak an internationally accepted business language.

We draw your attention to the fact that we need mentors, whose specific knowledge is aimed at increasing income and developing the economy as a whole. As the State develops, we will attract an increasing number of mentors with different specific knowledge and skills, but the basis will always be the personal growth of the citizens (students) income and, as a result, the growth of the entire economy of the Decenturion State.

To obtain the status of a Mentor, candidates must fill out a special form on the website of the Ministry of Education must click on the link and click on the Become a Mentor button), have an interview and get a Certificate for the right to conduct educational activities in the Decenturion State.

The data about accredited mentors will be published on the web platform of the Decenturion State, where citizens will be able to choose a mentor who will provide knowledge and methods for more effective economic activity and income on the Decenturion market.

The Ministry of Education appeals to all citizens of the Decenturion State to be actively involved in the educational process, both as students and as mentors.

By passing and receiving knowledge, we will be able to build not only a unique progressive educational system but also to effectively use the economic model of the Decenturion State for the benefit of all its citizens!

November 12th, 2018

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