Cryptocurrency Trends 2018 and Forecast For 2019

Some Cryptocurrency trends in 2018

Posted October 10,2018 in Science and Technology.

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Cryptocurrency will get more attention from the peoples in this year. From the starting, Cryptocurrency will take a great place in market. Still Cryptocurrency is king of the all exchange business. 2018 is a year where the investors and internet users are watching, what will happen in Cryptocurrency industries.

Information is cheap but filtering from the unwanted noise is not easy. Many unwanted noises are arrived in 2018 also but still the investors are gives interest in Cryptocurrency. Because it is a interesting business.

In 2018 many trends are creating in Cryptocurrency world, Now I tell some thing from it. 

Cryptocurrency platform is still king:

Investing in Cryptocurrency platform is the safest and potentially great thing in 2018. In 2017 ethereum price will raise from $8 in January to $1400 in December. An increasing more than 1000$ in a single year. 

This is the main reason for many ICO’s are launched in ethereum platform. Not only ethereum value, All Crypto values are increasing better in 2018.


Decentralized applications:

The major idea behind Cryptocurrency exchange is “decentralization”. Their is variety of decentralized app are creating, more than 950 dApps are built to ethereum alone. 

This dApps are used for more purposes, that is…

Lending and payments


Tokenization of asserts

And many other uses.

Value of Cryptocurrency continuous to grow:

In 2018 all Cryptocurrencies are increasing much better compared to the last year.


Bitcoin =   38.7%(1st jan 2018), 52.12( 9th oct 2018)

Ethereum =  11.9%(1st jan 2018), 10.6%( 9th oct 2018)

Bitcoin cash =  7.0%(1st jan 2018), 4.1%( 9th oct 2018)

Lite coin =  2.0%(1st jan 2018), 1.57%( 9th oct 2018)

Ripple =  14.2%(1st jan 2018), 8.8%( 9th oct 2018)


The above statistics values tell, Cryptocurrency platform is growing day by day.

Although, the future is impossible to predict, all should try to minimize the risk and maximize the returns by understanding trends.

Apart from this, there are many trends are evolving in Cryptocurrency. So if any one interested in Cryptocurrency exchange business! Feel free to start your business in Cryptocurrency.

All peoples are want dedicated developers to start their Crypto exchange business. Because they can handle all risk and problems arrived in Cryptocurrency exchange business. Huge number of Cryptocurrency exchange software developers are available in world wide. 

Bitdeal is the notable company in past few years. They provides complete software solution to start your Cryptocurrency exchange business.


Start your Crypto exchange business with bitdeal!


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