Live it. Love it… its “cryptov8” (bringing banking to block-chain)

Live it. Love it… its “cryptov8” (bringing banking to block-chain)

Posted September 9,2018 in Science and Technology.

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Technology is the best thing that the world is using to make business more productive and efficient. With the high rate of technology people are more relaxed in running their business. Information is sent across to all part of the world through technological tools. Internet is spread like a wild fire around the world which is making today’s business more fun and efficient, the internet is the best thing that has ever happen to this century. Business tycoons/investors acquire more ideas on the internet to make their business easier and efficient.  Platforms are being developed by professional teams   that help to provide benefits to the society. The versatility of block-chain technology around the world has helped to bring about a trending platform called ‘’cryptov8’’.

cryptov8 is a global player that uses blockchain technology to bridge the gap between crypto-banking and traditional banking products and services.

Already significantly progressed in the application process of becoming a bank, cryptov8 is well advanced in the process of creating the technical, business and regulatoryblueprint for the bank, to extend its reach to crypto users worldwide. The primaryobjectives of Cryptov8 are to improve:

·        Convenience: making wallet creation and access straight forward. Ability to manageall your crypto-banking and traditional banking in one place.

·        Trust: once authorized and a regulated bank we will apply the highest levels ofregulatory principles and best industry practice to protect our customers.

·        Security: providing bank grade security with the ability to securely store wallet andpassword details to allow retrieval.

·        Cost:  make exchange costs and withdrawals cheaper and more certain.

·        Reward:  uniquely, our crypto-banking customers will directly receive rewards for theirloyalty. We will give a share of our crypto-banking fees back to our customers.

·        Acceptance:  making cryptocurrency payment mainstream.

·        Education:  providing easy access to educational material, knowledgebase andproviding support to crypto customers.

Cryptov8 is in the process of applying to become a UK regulated, full service digital retail bank for Mortgages, Loans, Savings and Current Accounts. Cryptov8 will serve retail and SME customers in a familiar way, whilst using blockchain technology to transform the customer experience. Blockchain technology offers massive opportunities to disintermediate many financial services payments and functions.Cryptov8 aims to utilize blockchain technology directly and via strategic partnerships with other likeminded organizations to improve, secure and reduce the costs of conducting certain business and transactions.

The fragmentation of cryptocurrencies across exchanges, the lack of education and understanding, high costs of crypto token transacting and the multitude of wallets available have all served to erect barriers against adoption for all but the most determined practitioners.Cryptov8 will remove barriers to use and incentivize early adoption by rewarding cryptocurrency holders in a similar way to fiat currency (one that is declared by governments as legal tender).  This platform does not see itself as just competing with other banks the established order and the newer digital ‘challenger’ banks. Rather it will draw upon the best corporate examples of customer service and use of technology, across other digital consumer champions, such as Alibaba, Apple, Amazon, Google, LinkedIn, WeChat and others.

Cryptov8’s mission is founded on key principles of fair practice, transparency, treating the customer fairly and using technology to give the customer what they need. Advancements in technology such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain gives the team an opportunity to serve the customer better by helping them improve their financial lives. For example, by intelligently predicting spending patterns and utilizing more efficient services through new technology we will provide informed financial suggestions. The Cryptov8 project extends far beyond any existing ‘Crypto-Banking’ services that exist today. This project aims to streamline challenges that customers often face, which will ultimately create the best possible route for adoption of cryptocurrencies, globally.

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