Decenturion: The First Decentralized State

Decenturion, the world's first block-based decentralized state

Posted September 9,2018 in Economics and Trade.

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Decenturion, the world's first blockchain based decentralized state was presented at the Consensus 2018 conference in New York. For the first time in the history of humanity, it will not be the people giving their taxes to the state in taxes, but, instead, the state will generate income for its citizens!

Operating under blockchain technology, Decenturion's economy will depend on two separate, irreplaceable and complementary types of residents:

  • A citizen as a physical resident; and
  • A startup as a legal resident.

In Decenturion, each citizen receives a function whose meaning is determined by the number of Decenturion tokens that the individual possesses. Decenturion values ​​its citizens so much that, instead of paying taxes to the new state, they will receive the goods from the new market for free in the form of startuk tokens admitted to the Decenturion.

The first citizens of Decenturion will be the top 100 blockbain world names and the most important journalists covering the industry.Based on projections, every resident of the country can expect an income of $ 15,000 per year or more.

The first passports will already be issued at the conference in New York and will grant their holders the following benefits:

● The right to receive startup tokens for free in proportion to the value of Decenturion tokens owned by each citizen; 
● The right to sell startup tokens; 
● The right to sell Decenturion tokens and attract new citizens.

In the case of Decenturion startups - this is a space where they can transfer their tokens to citizens of the state, allowing them to achieve their business goals, often exceeding the results of a traditional ICO.This is due to the fact that when they transfer their tokens to Decenturion residents, the startup gets access not only to users but also to distributors and evangelists interested in selling the startup tokens and at the same time ensuring their prosperity and the flowering of the economy. The citizens of Decenturion will prioritize startups whose tokens can already be used today as a real instrument backed by a product.

Decenturion state tokens will serve as the currency used to acquire citizens' passports. A Decenturion token is enough to pay for a Decenturion passport. These tokens will be distributed free of charge after the issue. Based on projections about the potential number of citizens of Decenturion, there are plans to issue 30,000,000 tokens.

The ideology of the new country is not to create the most populous state - it focuses on qualitative characteristics (income level, education, IT literacy / blockchain, occupational skills, etc.). The expected income per citizen will equal $ 15,000 per year or more.

Relations between the country and its citizens are regulated through a smart contract. To become a citizen, the user must activate the Decenturion passport he or she has received. After activating the passport, the new resident receives a paper passport, a personal web page (landing page) in the general Internet community in the state, and a handbook on how to participate in the economic activity.

When entering the domestic market of Decenturion, startups offer their tokens for free distribution among all citizens of the country, in proportion to their share of Decenturion tokens. Residents have the right to refuse tokens on offer or accept them and place them on their landing pages for sale. Startups tokens can be sold at a price they set at their own discretion. The net gain from the sale of tokens becomes the citizen's profit. However, in the territory of Decenturion, this profit is not taxed or subject to any commissions in the country.

Startup, as a new legal resident of Decenturion, has access to a vast public - millions of potential users, hundreds of thousands of resellers, tens of thousands of citizens promoting the project and thousands of professional consultants.

The cost of a marketing campaign of reach and similar economic result can reach tens of millions of dollars. However, in the economic startups of Decenturion, all this is free.

Today, Decenturion is using instruments of direct democracy, allowing citizens to fully and independently regulate the political, economic and social life of the first blockchain-based state in the world, both virtually and beyond its borders.

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