Treon: Simplifying Bills Payment Securely

Worrying about how, when, and where to pay the bills is everyday life for most of us. Imagine a world where monitoring and paying is just a few taps away on your mobile device.

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Worrying about how, when, and where to pay the bills is everyday life for most of us. Imagine a world where monitoring and paying is just a few taps away on your mobile device.

Meet Treon. It promises “to make your utility bill payment a convenient one-click experience – anytime, anywhere.”

On average, a person uses several utilities such as for telecommunications, water, electricity, and gas. The traditional way of paying for these is to go to their outlets, fall in line, and pay or to hook up your bills with your credit card. The problem with the first option is that the process is time consuming and is prone to customer service glitches. On the other hand, a lot of people are unbanked so the conveniences of a credit card or a bank account are not even part of the equation.


How does it work? It aims to connect utility providers and customers through its platform. It is based on the ethereum blockchain and it introduces the use of utility tokens called TXO.



An app can be downloaded to your smartphone and it will serve as a dashboard for the details of your utility consumption and as your mobile wallet. You can pay your bills instantly with your TXO tokens. You don’t need a bank account to automate your payments anymore thanks to Treon. The transactions are certified private and reliable. You can take care of your bills anywhere in the world.


Other features of the platform include:

  • Smart notifications – users can customize their app to alert them for updates from their providers and payment deadlines. Users will avoid penalties and timely payments will be consistent.


  • Smart recommendations – the TXO e-wallet will have analytical capabilities that will help consumers to optimize their use of their utilities. It will help guide the user how to save up on cost and energy.


  • Lower transaction fee – Treon will have less transaction fees because it is automated and it has lower overhead costs.


  • Loyalty program – Customers will get loyalty points upon topping up their e-wallet and paying their bills. It’s like you are being rewarded just for paying your bills regularly.


With the fast paced technological advances that are happening all around us, the Treon platform is an excellent avenue for utility companies to make way for the changes in customer service that they are due. It will help boost the convenience that they can offer to their customers and it will cater the people’s need for a more interactive form of services. Therefore, the growth potential of Treon in the utility sector is promising.

The Treon team and its advisors are individuals with extensive knowledge and experience across the industries that the Treon vision covers. They are experts in telecom, energy, blockchain, and high technology industry. They are brought together to help “make history” through bringing the utilities sector to the blockchain space.


Tokensale details:

Token Name: Treon (TXO)

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 Billion

Soft Cap: 4 Million USD

Hard cap: 25 Million USD


To know more about the technical details and aspects of the project plus their latest updates, visit their official social media pages and website:


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