NOIZ: Creating a Safe Advertising Space For Everyone

NOIZ is powered by its community. It is a platform, as cliche as it is, that is “for the people, by the people.” All of its users are motivated by the NOIZ token; advertisers, publishers, and consumers alike. Advertisers are to pay digital fees in order to receive NOIZ tokens.

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Privacy has become a myth to today's internet users. It has been said time and time before that nothing is ever safe on the web. Facebook's Cambridge Analytica scandal was a recent monument to those statements - a marketing firm was able to access and steal personal data from an estimated 50M users, which was then used to form strategic marketing campaigns for elections in over 30 countries.

People like to think that only the consumers are affected by this when in truth even advertisers and publishers feel the effect of malicious acts. The former are attacked by spambots. and the latter would always risk their users' trust. NOIZ seeks to provide solutions for these problems through combining Artificial Intelligence (AI) with blockchain technology. Here are a few things that NOIZ offers:

Cognitive Ads

NOIZ developed a cognitive bot named NIKOLA. This bot aims to create meaningful conversations within each ad. Say, the ad asks you the question "Whose concert do you want to attend?" Below a dialogue box, you are given three choices: Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift. You then proceed to answer Beyonce. The more interactions you have with this cognitive bot over a period of time would then allow cognitive ads to tailor-fit themselves according to your preferences. This process benefits the consumer because they finally are exposed to ads that spark their interests. Consequently, it boosts the engagement rate of publishers and let the advertisers get to know more about their target market.

To safeguard this bot from spambots, NOIZ utilizes both Run-time Execution Monitoring(REM) and Passive Monitoring. REM distinguishes bots from humans by analyzing things such as the amount of time between the start of the ad and the engagement of the ad. Humans tend to move their cursors around the screen a lot and bots can be programmed to copy that too. So REM recognizes the movement pattern and eradicates bots when it identifies a big number that is performing the same pattern. The Passive Monitoring does the same thing but is more targeted towards token transaction flow.

Permissioned Blockchain

Today's ad networks record the activities of users on both publisher sites and advertisements. The primary reason for this is to help the network judge whether or not the interactions performed on the site are human or bot. The problem is that they also collect this info privately which means that this is a danger to a user's privacy.

What NOIZ uses are permissioned blockchains; these are programmed particularly for enterprises and national blockchain projects that are private in nature. This system collects data and stores them "on chain" so that if a user is interested in seeing his data, they simply need to identify themselves and wait for the blockchain moderator to give them access since the network is based on permission. With NOIZ, parties involved in the transaction are also sole accessors of the data collected at the time the interactions were made.

NOIZ deploys HyperLedger to form this blockchain. It is an open source that can store terabytes of data. This entails the power for people to choose consensus algorithms that won't be hard to compute, which means more data can be stored, but it does not inhibit innovation

Noiz Token

NOIZ is powered by its community. It is a platform, as cliche as it is, that is “for the people, by the people.” All of its users are motivated by the NOIZ token; advertisers, publishers, and consumers alike. Advertisers are to pay digital fees in order to receive NOIZ tokens. This is necessary for them to obtain space for creating and placing ads. They may also offer coupons to consumers for some tokens (this is, of course, upon the consumer’s prerogative). The NOIZ platform is also careful to regulate ads, so as to continue letting legal businesses operate. Publishers, on the other hand, receive NOIZ tokens from advertisers in exchange for ad space. They may pay their users tokens for personal data. As one may notice, everything is run on a consumer-consensus based policy. This means that they may also be banned from the network for wrongful media, fake news, and the like. Lastly, we have consumers who view and interact with NIKOLA on platforms provided by publishers. Consumers are secure with NOIZ because they have the power to give or withhold consent with whatever personal information.

One thing that sets NOIZ apart is that it will incorporate projects that have a positive social impact into their platform. These projects may apply to join the platform so as to be open to receiving NOIZ tokens that will fund their endeavours. They will also constantly update the community with progress reports. This creates a healthy space for everyone.


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