Vortix’s My Safe Vault: Where your most valuable information and data is kept safer than ever

Vortix aims to provide a problem-solver solution for all digital users who wish to keep their personal information intact and free from any identity thieves.

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With the continuously increasing number of activities and projects inside the blockchain technology, there is already a huge amount of information and documents available that we can no longer deem safe and secured from any malicious attacks.

There is no doubt that in most of our everyday lives we are incorporating digital means. That includes using our smartphones for communication, storing documents on laptops or PCs, usage of fingerprint scanning and face unlock technology where all of which involves information that, in general, relates to us.

With the increase of the volume of information in the digital world, our very own and personal information might just be shared or leaked anytime soon if we won’t take measures. Even Yahoo, who is technologically more advanced than us, leaked a few members’ data so how about you? How much longer do you have to wait to take some actions before such an event occurs?

With this problem in mind, the team of Vortix designed MySafe Vault, the first and scalable solution ever provided that will allow all our valuables to be kept safe and secured both digitally and physically.

MySafe Vault is a solution provided by the team of Vortix. The team described it as the “First and Only Scalable Solution to Keep your Valuables both Digital and Physical under the Incorruptible Completely Safe Block Chain Umbrella.”

Vortix aims to provide a problem-solver solution for all digital users who wish to keep their personal information intact and free from any identity thieves. No matter how small an information may be, it will remain an information that can be used against you, your company or your family. There is no single human being who wants their information to be leaked. With this threat present and slowly increasing everyday along with the increase of information shared in the digital realm, a time might come when existing identity proofs will no longer be enough to support our own identity. So to avoid this, MyVault is the solution.

How MyVault Works:

In general, MySafe is digital vault protected with an extra security layer before any transaction of the information or valuables inside it can be done. By having every transaction unique from each other, there is already a decrease in possibility for having any leak of information.

Being developed using the Blockchain Technology, the added security layers will make the vault safer, secure, incorruptible and highly confidential and can be transferred to the Ethereum ecosystem.

All digital files stored in the vault will be encrypted and will be given a single unique key. The team will never know what is inside your vault and what kind of information it contains. The only identity who holds the keys for the files to be shared or opened is the user alone. Through the generation of single key per file, the level of security is increased as it is more difficult to decipher among hackers and thieves.

And just like a physical vault, MyVault is a per-contract basis. The user will need to renew his or her MyVault’s contract to keep the information inside it using the Ethereum platform. The team also added additional features that will be made available upon request. This includes:

  • Recovery Insurance – this is useful once you get to decide not to continue your contract. Fifteen days after expiration, all the files will be made recoverable by the user. Once not recovered, it will be burned. But if you apply for a Data Insurance Feature, an additional 30 days will be allotted for you
  • Storage for upload and download
  • Interconnected multiple vaults if the user wish to segregate files accordingly
  • Delivery notification if you wish to share a file to another user

MyVault Products:

In the image below are the three current products of MyVault.

The price of the vault depends on the number of security layers, amount of storage needed for the files and added features. In the long run, customized vaults will be made available. These customized vaults will be highly needed for businesses, government, companies and other industries who wish to create a specialized vault with a specific information category.

Token Details:

Max coin supply: 200,000,000

Total Premined & ICO Rounds coin: 120,000,000

ICO ends in: July 27, 2018

1 VTX price: 0.22 USD

With Vortix’s MyVault, we now have a solution to keep our private information securely stored digitally. And for the next advancements of the project to come, the implementation of the physical vault will soon to be in our reach as well.

To get the latest updates on this ICO, visit their official social media pages and view their website and whitepaper.

Website: https://vortix.io/

Whitepaper: https://vortix.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/WhitepaperVortix1.9.pdf

ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4349724.0

Twitter: https://twitter.com/VortixS

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VtxToken/

Telegram: https://t.me/VortixICO

Author: Hypervira

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