What is FlyCARE Project?

FlyCARE is personal wellness and medical platform on the blockchain that aims to provide accessible and portable healthcare anywhere and anytime in the world. Under their vision, the platform hopes to link up patients to practitioners and suppliers providing home-based well-being care.

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What is FlyCARE Project?

FlyCARE is personal wellness and medical platform on the blockchain that aims to provide accessible and portable healthcare anywhere and anytime in the world. Under their vision, the platform hopes to link up patients to practitioners and suppliers providing home-based well-being care.

flyCARE is a global ecosystem that offers personal-care service providers a unique solution that integrates multiple tools: a contact platform, applications and (through flyBOX), all the hardware and consumables needed to run the service. flyCARE relies on a "utility" token (the "FCC") used especially as a payment instrument by the flyCARE community. Professionals can meet their customers’ demand without the constraints of an initial investment and without an intermediary, in an autonomous and unique ecosystem based on the Blockchain, resolving definitively the deficiencies of this type of services, namely mobility, accessibility and funding. The flyCARE platform directly connects local personal-care service providers and users, and is powered by blockchain-based smart contracts, allowing real reviews, secure transactions and fair pricing. This disruptive and unique ecosystem in the world of personal care involves many stakeholders (consumers, care professionals, manufacturers and distributors), who will all use this innovative solution based on Blockchain, because it simultaneously responds to a real need from personal-service professions, clients, manufacturers, and even states facing recurring problems of funding gaps in care. flyCARE offers a unique end-to-end solution for door-step services, which facilitates access to medical care and well-being care.

FlyCARE's Solution

Many types of care, complex and long, can be performed only in the cabinet or clinic setting. Others, shorter, mastered and equally essential, can nevertheless be organized at home, in a less restrictive way, for patients’ comfort and practitioners’ convenience. Flycare Treatments such as teeth whitening, along with general, dental, ocular, physiological or ENT checkups, hairdressing, aesthetics, tattoos, and podiatry are not intended to generate the same amount of waiting time, the same real estate investments, secretarial commitments and the same procedure and booking constraints as heavy interventions require. The solution: an easy-to-carry, clean and ergonomic equipment box with improved communication between practitioners and patients, as well as a reliable and organized logistic organization.

Who has never dreamed of being taken care of directly at the dentist’s office, after work hours or during the weekend? Who has never dreamed of easily getting his/her desired haircut and being delivered at home a meal from his/her favorite restaurant? Today, the reality of home care (medical, paramedical or cosmetic) is not only that of an incomplete and restrictive service for patients but also that of an undesirable proposal for care professionals, in particular, cost but also the risk of work. Flycare Pedicure specialists, for example, the most itinerant practitioners, are exposed to many respiratory diseases linked in part to the existence of material that is not suited to their needs.

There is no standardized alternative to the performance of care on a foot lying directly on the knees of a practitioner working from home. The latter is thus found exposed to nail dust and fungal infections. Nevertheless, it is the entire chain of care that is concerned by this problem. Transport of liquids or hazardous waste, poor work ergonomics and the problem of transporting heavy equipment and bulky products are now the norm for mobile medical and cosmetic specialists.

FlyCARE's Benefits

  • Integrity- with FCC tokens, there is a tamper-proof registry of the transactions between users, providing for a new level of payment traceability
  • Automated validation- flyCARE automatically checks and validates the conditions of each service contract to ensure terms become reality
  • Use of smart agreements leaves no room for user fraud reducing chances of forgery
  • Transparency and accuracy provided by blockchain will leave no room for errors in transactions, settlements, and associations
  • Impeccable design and hygiene of the flyBOX facilitate a user-friendly module for the medical practitioners to use while on the move.
  • Continuing development through flyCARE's working in collaboration with medical hardware and small equipment providers

FlyCARE Healthcare Platform Structure

FlyCARE aims to provide a unique ecosystem together with the ergonomic equipment pack in line with their concept of mobility. Here are the lead options for that:

  • Flybox- with the help of healthcare professionals, flyCARE [provides for a revolutionary module for equipment essential for a practitioner's home care visits
  • FlyCARE App- the application (FlyPro and HappyFly) syncs with a digital health ecosystem that acts as a contact portal for patients to recognized and validated medical practitioners on flyCARE
  • flyCARE token- the flyCARE token(FCC) is a means of payment for transactions between users seeking the home-based healthcare services.

Beta Target Market


Flycare can meet any type of care need, whether it is medical, paramedical or esthetic care that can be provided outside a practice in all regions, urban or rural, anywhere in the world. However, the beta test of Flygare will be based on a sample of 100 million individuals, distributed in 22 cities chosen based on precise economic, social, demographic and legal criteria.


For practitioners, Flycare targets 220,000 individuals practicing in 22 selected cities/ Areas, which are spread across 22 targeted professions. They range from sports coach to physiotherapist, from hairdresser to nurse and veterinarian. flyCARE will not cover some procedures that require a clinical environment — or interventions that can, in fact, only take place in a specialized and equipped office or clinic.


BRUNO LAMOUREUX – Creator and Founder of flyCARE

DIETER BAUCH – CFO and Co-Founder of flyCARE

GILLES COLLARD – Lawyer & Legal Advisor

STEVE DEGOSSERIE – Computer Engineer MSc in Digital Currency

JÉRÉMIE MERCIER – Expert full-stack architect & developer

FLORENCE MULS – Press Relations and PR Advisor


HUGUES MERTENS – Multidisciplinary IT Expert, Cloud Specialist

Token Sales Detail

  • Ticker- FCC
  • Platform- Ethereum
  • Accepts- ETH
  • Price rate- 1 FCC=0.2 EUR
  • Supply amount- 200,000,000
  • Hard Cap- 26 million USD
  • Soft Cap- 1 Million USD


  • ICO Sale- 65%
  • Reserve fund- 25%
  • Team and advisers- 10%

For more information:

Website: https://flycare.com/

Whitepaper: https://flycare.com/assets/FC-White%20paper-02-05-18-EN_double_en_continu.pdf


Twitter: https://twitter.com/care_fly

Medium: https://medium.com/@flycare


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