Cryptaldash,Reliable Cryptocurrency Exchange To Do The Trading Activity

Cryptaldash,Reliable Cryptocurrency Exchange To Do The Trading Activity

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Cryptocurrency becoming has known by many among the people in all the world. This namely one of the application of the blockchain which its influence can be felt than by the community.In addition, the potential of the other still must be optimized in other fields. Attention to cryptocurrency, usually as an investment, is actually a new drastically increased after observing the evidence that cryptocurrencies namely valuable asset with demonstrated scores of bitcoin continues to increase. Then cryptocurrencies another keeps popping up with a new system to work mining and transactions. When this, by observing the page CoinMarketCap, there are 3668 variations of cryptocurrency in the world. The numbers will still continue to grow, as the continued presence of the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) which is held in various countries. Trading cryptocurrencies namely an obligation executed by the person desirous of investing his property for a short-term or long-term. This exchange is usually executed on the exchange that is trusted with high credibility. One of the exchanges that will be present is Cryptaldash.

Want to Know About Cryptaldash

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Find out Cryptaldash namely a single Platform that allows for access to the exchange of cryptocurrency for the global service which is tough. This Platform allows working on the driveway extensively and the execution in these types of global exchanges. Don't like how when this, most exchange other make a complex method that gave rise to lack of understanding in the application, wherein the make exchange transactions simple (such as a currency exchange alt), we must change the 3 to 4 display interface ; this is workmanship that is slow and can realize the barriers that can cause errors. Typically, We should have a coin purse, the purse exchange and wallet of the recipient. Then,We must switch between platforms one platform to another. This Platform has an interface that is easy to use to make each exchange transaction is easy and cheap. Hence from it, to justify the difficult situations of things so built this platform that allows users to carry out transactions more rapidly, more easily and as well as guaranteed security. Solution Performance Offered CryptalDash correct errors earlier in the market by offering a solution that can note the following:
• The ability of high, comes with a service tool matching the price offered on the exchange to facilitate trading and improve liquidity
•The merging of retail and institutional liquidity
• Equipped with an robot advisor to run the arbitration in order to get profit • relatively low rates(low)
• The user that owns the crd token can receive a high discount
• If routing the prices on third-party
• A dashboard that is easy to use
• An Integration that allows to do arbitrage between Exchanges
• An example exchange advanced
• Work products are of real quality
• user limit 1,000,000 or more tokens , the user can receive a complimentary lifetime membership and receive a commission of up to 50% of the profit of the company every month.


Token Information
Token/Coin Name: Cryptaldash Token
Token/Coin Symbol : CRD (ERC20)
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
Used blockchain: Ethereum
Soft Cap: 180,000,000 CRD
Hard Cap: 780,000,000 CRD
Price : 0.02USD
Register :
Payment Methods for ICO: Bitcoin,Ethereum,Bitcoin,Cash,Ripple,Dash,Litecoin,Monero,NEO,IOTA,NEM,Qtum,Ethereum Classic

Amine Larhrib
Founder and Managing Director
Duncan Symmons
Chief Engineering
Iain Bell
Trading Automation Architecture
Pieter Jan Bakhuijzen
Network expert and Security Advisory
Jack FitzGerald
Chief Marketing Officer
Ruell Magpayo
Trading System Engineer
Ruel Mindo
Lead Full Stack developer
Ninebeth Padojinog
Business analyst
Hani Benyahya
CFTe: OTC Desk Trading Advisory

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Platform Status: LIVE


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