How Cryptaldash Exchange Will Work As Great Exchange ?

How Cryptaldash Exchange Will Work As Great Exchange ?

Posted June 6,2018 in Science and Technology.

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The world of technology is growing rapidly until today it has spawned many innovations in various fields. One of them is the creation of cryptocurrency as a replacement currency for trade and investment. Cryptocurrency is one type of digital currency, however, is not a digital currency, it operates using blockchain technology with a high level of security. At this time the prestige of the cryptocurrency increasingly popular among the community, especially for those who frequently invest in and project the blockchain technology is seen will give you a huge advantage. That's needed for an exchange to accommodate the activity of the trader's buy and sell cryptocurrencies with comfortable and safe. Is Stock it? You can try Exchange Cryptaldash who are doing the ICO to run this project.

What is it Cryptaldash?



CryptalDash is the exchange platform cryptocurrency strong. The Platform is equipped with a matching machine of the class institutional as well as support to conduct a crypto-currency exchange to the parties. All features can be felt in one easy to use Dashboard for traders who are experienced and for the novice trader.

How It Works
CryptalDash not only can do cross trade Crypto Assets locally but can also trade cross-platform which allows finding the right price. This Platform has a matching machine of the advanced. CryptalDash is the exchange of currency that is reliable and easy to use. Because it has the ability of integration to the stock exchange of crypto third party. This allows the user to do trading smoothly between several exchanges at once and open up opportunities to find the right price (arbitrage).CryptalDash offers interface single access of leading and tools that are sophisticated users of crypto and institutional traders. This Platform uses cutting-edge Technology advanced & Premium Service which can be described as the following:

The Big Book Distributed
Note the Unique Transaction that is owned by each user
Open API
The Platform is equipped with Open API that is flexible and easy to use
Contract Smart
A tool that can be customized with the good
Recording advanced and accurate
Digital signatures
The Platform is equipped with the authentication of identity and self-protection for its users

In addition, CryptalDash has the following advantages:
Program Lifetime Membership
A Lifetime member is a program that is intended for accounts that have more than 1,000,000 CRD
Services Trade & Exchange
Trading costs 0.10% or 0.03% if paid with tokens CRD
Premium Service
Premium service consists of a Robot Application Advisor & Peer-to-Peer Lending and Borrowing

Then, in Addition to whether the coins CRD has other functions in addition as a currency used to perform transactions on these platforms? Good question, the Token of the CRD has more uses that can be used to:
Pay The Cost Of The Trade
Fund Withdrawal Fees
And the more activity that occurs on this platform that will be unveiled

Token of the CRD also can be traded in several exchanges. With the number of platform exchange of cryptocurrencies available, users can convert CryptalDash to traditional currency or cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin (BTC), LiteCoin (LTC) etc. with easy. On, this token does not support fiat currency, But don't worry, the token of the CRD will be available pairs to trade all types of cryptocurrency, which can then be easily converted into fiat currency.

CryptalDash will charge 0.10% per transaction and will not be planning to give the cost of above 0.10 percent. In addition, great Discounts can be obtained when the cost of transactions paid using the token CRD. As for the list of transaction costs CryptalDash among others :
The Cost Of Margin
Service margin has a cost associated with by the margin of it.
The Registration Fee
The registration fee has been determined
Other Costs
There may be other costs.
The Cost Of Withdrawal
CryptalDash bias only gives a certain fee for the withdrawal in the foreseeable future.

Token Information
Token/Coin Name: Cryptaldash Token
Token/Coin Symbol : CRD (ERC20)
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
Used blockchain: Ethereum
Soft Cap: 180,000,000 CRD
Hard Cap: 780,000,000 CRD
Price : 0.02USD
Register :
Payment Methods for ICO: Bitcoin,Ethereum,Bitcoin,Cash,Ripple,Dash,Litecoin,Monero,NEO,IOTA,NEM,Qtum,Ethereum Classic

Amine Larhrib
Founder and Managing Director
Duncan Symmons
Chief Engineering
Iain Bell
Trading Automation Architecture
Pieter Jan Bakhuijzen
Network expert and Security Advisory
Jack FitzGerald
Chief Marketing Officer
Ruell Magpayo
Trading System Engineer
Ruel Mindo
Lead Full Stack developer
Ninebeth Padojinog
Business analyst
Hani Benyahya
CFTe: OTC Desk Trading Advisory

For more Information, visit the following links:
Website :
Whitepaper :
Telegram Group:
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Blog :
Youtube :
Platform Status: LIVE


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