BatMine aims to become the most profitable crypto mine in existence. We combine safe, predominantly European locations, an excellent team, low cost, mostly green energy, unrivalled hash power of up to 55 TH/s and miners with the best cost/performance ratio. We optimize switching between th

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By way of introduction, BatMine is a project from Blockchain Applied Technology (BAT) Ltd located in Bulgaria. BatMine aims at becoming the best and sustainable crypto currency mine ever. We have hereby chosen stable European territories (Bulgaria and Czech Republic) with crypto legislation which gives room to legally mine and share profits to investors, alongside stable economy, favorable climate, a dynamic team, cost effectiveness, mostly green energy and excellent hash power of 55 TH/s for BTC and LTC miners with cost effectiveness and great outputs.

These factors, coupled with a legal safety, have made us more competitive, more profitable and more secure. All activities including, but not exclusive to, token management, marketing, operations, technical development, management, hardware sales and mining operations, will be carried out in the countries.

We increase our efficiency in BatMine and maximize yields by switching between the choices of the currencies we mine, depending on the rate of yields. Our hash power is quite excellent, but apart from using our own, you may decide to use your own. You can also buy our miners and run them with us on our sites, our teams are energetic and able to actualize your project, and you can be sure of your profits, except for fees we deduct for operational service and management.

Moreover, we offer mining as a service, custodial services and sales of mining hardware including our in-house developed miners. To give us a competitive edge, we have associated with a first-class chip and miner design company, working with their RD department on a singular creation in the spirit of oneness, ambition and harmony.

There are several ways to be involved in crypto mining, which are; home mining, cloud mining, and industrial mining. The most profitable is industrial mining, as a corporate business, followed by cloud mining for individuals, and home mining the least, due to high cost of electricity.

Owing to poor landscape regulation of the prior ICOs that caused a breach of contract in loss or not paying the token dividends; BatMine has opted for a transparent business model with a measure of certainty, having the best interest of her investors at heart.

Basically speaking, our ICO legal framework is the Silent Partnership model of investing, which allows us to legally offer profit sharing to investors monthly for 10 years, until March 2029. The Hard Cap is 19 million EUR and the Soft Cap is 1 million EUR.

Our BATM tokens are provided to investors as a gift. We will offer 350 million ERC 20 compliant Utility tokens to the market. And for every ETH and BTC invested, investors receive 400 and 15200 BATM tokens respectively, and these tokens can be exchanged for any and all services and goods offered by BatMine.

BatMine, after the successful ICO, will be located in a location which is secure, with fastest hash power of up to 55Th/s and lowest electricity rate; a location with cooler climate, friendly for miners; a location that allows for sufficient, mostly green, energy supply at around 4 cents per KwH; and one with the infrastructure required for a commercial mining operation.

Also, BatMine has chosen the Silent Partnership structure for profit sharing, legally tested and proven, under Czech (EU) Law, for a fixed share of 30% profit sharing for 10 years (till March 2029) for ICO investors, and free useful BATM tokens (like other transferrable ERC20 token) which can be exchanged for our services, augmenting the benefits of our investors.

In addition, we have four strategies for revenue generation, which are; Mining of Cryptocurrency, Minning as a Service (MS), Custodial Services and Hardware Sales. And the profit accrued from the revenue is simply distributed thus; 30% goes to our silent investors for 10 years (till March 2029), 33% is used for fixtures in replacing hardware, 20% for further development of our own miners, and 17% remains in the Company for cost and expansion.

All revenues are apportioned on a monthly basis on the 15th or the first working day after, in same currency they are received from the market. Hence BTC, ETH and EUR revenues are paid in BTC, ETH and EUR respectively.

As touching BatMine ICO, Blockchain technology is undoubtedly grand, and that, increasingly into the future, in spite of the need to perfect its energy efficiency and overall costs. And thats exactly what BatMine is dedicated to doing, to get faster in mining and cheaper in energy costs, implementing Blockchain maximally.

Furthermore, ICOs advantageously eliminate the middleman between an investor and the project company, eliminating the high costs of fees and the arduous procedures involved, and it enables quick collection of funds more securely.

Our goal is to raise 19 million EUR in ETH and EUR through this ICO. The Soft cap is 1 million EUR which will cover the approximate expenses for one project. The more we raise, the more mining equipment will be purchased, consequently resulting in bigger profits for our investors.

As earlier mentioned, profits will be secured via a Silent Partnership Agreement, and will be distributed among all investors based on the amount of ETH they contributed. The agreement can be transferred at any time the investor wishes, though subjected to our non-challenging terms and conditions.

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