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At present, it is almost impossible to find a ball where cryptocurrency does not reach. The popularity of cryptocurrency makes you think about ways and technologies that will ensure its availability for ordinary people.

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Consider the prerequisites for the emergence of a platform called Refine Medium. Recently, the online video industry is gaining momentum and is becoming a popular and popular type of media entertainment. Gradually, differences between print and digital media, video games and sports video events, wireless and fixed internet access, social and traditional media were erased. Entertaining video content is a must for users all over the world. Not surprisingly, the entertainment and media industry generates more than $ 2 trillion in annual revenues worldwide. Its leaders are the United States, China, and Japan. Most online streaming services are provided by giants like Youtube, Netflix, Prime Video and other similar well-known services. Refine Medium decided to compete for a place in the sun and contrast its vision with the online video industry. And whoever wins, time will naturally show.

So, what is Refine Medium? First of all, this is a decentralized media platform that will provide quality services to display, create and promote video content. This platform is fully built based on the Etherium blockchain. This is done so that viewers and content creators will truly immerse themselves and experience all the advantages of modern blockchain technology based on smart contracts. This will be the only platform of its kind that will stimulate any interested user who has expressed a desire to interact and contribute to the development of Refine Medium. Advantages such as media platforms such as the absence of barriers to geographic location, easy search and accessibility of content, reduction of pirated content, low monthly fees distinguish the project from its competitors.

In addition, the Fix token (XRM symbol) was created on the platform by the team to maintain user functionality and comfort. Refine tokens are cryptographic assets and will be sold from the start of the planned sale. The company believes, and not without reason, that tokens will be very popular especially among users who will actively use the Refine Medium platform and those who believe in a decentralized future blockchain that will cover the entire online video industry. This company is the perfect combination of corporate collaboration, technical and innovative tools and an unmatched online entertainment platform.

Refine Medium raises the standard to an entirely new level where social responsibility towards people is a priority. The company will continue to strive to inspire and encourage people to arouse their desire to continually post their content on Medium Refine. Personally, I will definitely try to post my content in the future on a decentralized platform. In addition, the company offers to make money using online video platforms. Just imagine what you can get for example by watching videos, you can advertise your product and earn money, and only watch news, listen to songs, watch educational content and at the same time make a profit. As you can see, such an approach will attract many people.

In conclusion, I would like to say that such a project has every chance of success in the crypto community and brings benefits to its investors in the near future.

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