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Hello, this time I will introduce Freelanex a decentralized platform that provides a system environment on the blockchain, which makes it possible to approach negotiations using a decentralized system with smart contracts through a convenient interface. Everything will be managed thanks to a transparent and decentralized portal, which will help to gain trust in transactions between clients and freelancers.

Consideration of the problem in the form of requirements for setting security standards, building reliable business relations between freelancers and clients. With the characteristics and standards of Blockchain technology to improve services and expand the relationship between freelancers and their clients. Blockchain is the best tool we can use to effectively solve the problems that freelancers face. This can be achieved by creating a blockchain-based ecosystem to ensure transparency and trust between clients and freelancers; Our system is decentralized through the use of innovative technological solutions for new generations of new concepts. Freelanex offers a unique payment gateway and various incentives through the use of service tokens and its wallet platform. This makes it easier for freelancers around the world to access payments, exchange currencies and protect labor rights.

Empowering freelancers and providing them with a reliable environment for communication with employment opportunities everywhere, anywhere and anytime. To do this, we need to build trust and create a pleasant workplace for everyone. Freelanex brings millions of casual workers worldwide with job opportunities through a real work environment designed to foster collaboration, transparency and secure payments. Freelanex leverages the power of blockchain and artificial intelligence to create the largest and most reliable online work environment for freelancers, allowing them to invest and enjoy the same benefits through the scalability of the platform.

It will be easy to connect with the Blockchain freelancer environment system and their potential customers, in addition, they will have the opportunity to work together in a reliable ecosystem where all working relationships will be managed by our smart contract and guaranteed through the use of blockchain technology. All transactions between freelancers and clients will be unchanged, transparent and trustworthy. By looking at reports and statistics related to the problems and risks faced by freelancers, Freelanex aims to create a synchronized platform that is very focused on supporting freelancers. Freelanex seeks to eliminate the problem of highly capitulated fraud in a free economy.

Freelancers will then represent the global economy, which dominates the labor market in various fields, and Freelanex focuses on protecting the rights of people to isolate them from fraud and immoral practices.

The launch of a token with the name FLXC will provide equal compensation and payment based on smart contracts on the blockchain platform. A total of 500 million Token FLXC will be printed over the entire life of the platform. FLXC tokens will be freely transferable with complex features and active ecosystems. The value of tokens is expected to increase significantly over time as the use and adoption of the platform increases. FLXC Token is a B-Class digital stock with a starting price valid at the start of IEO, set at $ 0.004. FLXC Token will be available on several cryptocurrency exchange platforms such as Bitfinex, Huobi, KuCoin, YoBit, Bittrex, etc. Tokens will be allowed to float and become P2P traded. The price of FLXC tokens will be determined by market forces and cryptocurrency exchange mechanisms. Users will be able to buy and sell FLXC tokens using fiat and cryptocurrency currencies.

For the current marketing strategy, more attention is paid to development, both in the world of freelancers and in the world of blockchains. The freelancers community on the importance of using blockchain to overcome some of the problems affecting their ecosystem, and to inform blockchain enthusiasts about the high potential of the freelancers market. The forecast that we will achieve in the next three years. This forecast will depend on the current market situation, it may differ when the market develops. Justification for the use of FLXC service tokens designed for routing Freelanex payment systems and related applications. Freelanex is a platform designed to improve and promote the freelancer environment using the blockchain to ensure transparency of actions and transactions.

The FLXC token will be used as the main currency in the community, where participants use it to monetize and exit transactions that occur on the platform. The number of issued FLXC tokens is fixed and tokens can no longer be issued, which is guaranteed by the smart contract for FLXC tokens. FLXC tokens can directly participate in transactions that occur on the Freelanex platform.

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