Does AI and Blockchain the Perfect Combination?

The collaboration of the two future technologies, blockchain and artificial intelligence is giving hope for us about “the world future transformation into digital”.

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Artificial Intelligence with Blockchain

The collaboration of the two future technologies, blockchain and artificial intelligence is giving hope for us about the world future transformation into digital. But, how this massive technology tie-up can happen, is it possible. If so, how to integrate blockchain and artificial intelligence in real-life use cases, how these technologies can be work together, how this technology renovation can be helpful for an average man. Let us answer all these questions in brief here below.

What is Artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is Part of computer science, where the machines act and react like a humanto complete some tasks in a fast, perfect, and comprehensive manner.

To build ai machine it needs computer programming, in which it has knowledge, assumption, planning, able to mobilize objects via mapping, speech recognition, reasoning, relating things, problem-solving.

To build successful AI it needs knowledge engineering, where it should provide complete data and design for proper functioning.

For example, creating robots to move objects in high voltage machines in the large scale industries for production purposes. A.I should be given ample data about the process given to it and mathematical functions in order to handle the unexpected situation,it needs human intelligence to act at the current scenario in the has to analyze the situation and problem-solving methodology.

Machine learning is a significant part of Artificial intelligence. Learning without guidance requires a capability to identify patterns in streams of inputs, whereas with the help of adequate guidance involves classification and numerical regressions.

Classification determines the category an object belongs to and regression deals with obtaining a probability of numerical input or outputs. Thereby determining functions enabling the generation of suitable outputs from respective inputs.

A.Ineed perceptions to deal with the ability to recognize the given input and analyze its various aspects of the lively scenario, it aims to analyze the inputs like face, object and gesture detection.

What is blockchain?

Blockchain is a distributed ledger, it contains the timestamp of the transactions, it uses a cryptographic function to encrypt the datas in blocks. it has significant features like :


In Decentralization there is no central entity to control over,it is distributed peers of nodes in the network where if "A" wants to send money to "B' it can send directly to the "B" without the intervention of third party(Bank).


The transparency where the nodes connected in the network able to see transactions performed by others in the network. Transaction details are available in distributed ledger.


The immutability is once the transaction held in the network is distributed to all nodes in the network, where once entered cannot alter.

Why artificial intelligence needs blockchain integration

Embellish Security

Untangle the AI Thinking Way

Managing the Data Market

Optimize Energy Consumption

Enhancing Smart Contacts

Are AI and BLOCKCHAIN is the IdealCombinations?

Yes, AI and Blockchain are made for each other because of the 3 most important things as given below:

(a)Work Well With the Combination

The information in Blockchain is Encrypted with the help of hash function. AI, an emerging field with algorithms that are capable to process the data even it is in an encrypted state.

(b) Demonstrate the AIs Decision

It is hard for humans to understand the AIs decision in some cases. On the other hand, Blockchain can help to track, understand and explain the decisions made by AI.

(c) Manage Blockchains Efficiently

Due to the encrypted nature of the Blockchain, acquiring data become very complex and requires a large amount of computer processing power. But AI can manage Blockchain more efficiently than humans with its algorithms.

Benefits of using blockchain in artificial intelligence.

The degree of security is high in the blockchain technology. If developers create AI solution in a centralized platform, the integrity and security of the data along with the accuracy of machine learning algorithms are being checked. It is important to make sure that the interface provides a reliable representation of an AI output.

The success of the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will not depend on the capability of the technology but rather on the security provided to data. Hence security is the main criterion to be fulfilled if these technologies can hope to really make a big splash.

Wrapping up

Here we have explained how blockchain technology can help AI. The combination is explosive! Blockchain technologies can help realize some long-standing dreams of AI and data folks and open up several opportunities. We, Osiz Technologies, a leadingblockchain with AI development companyare ready to do projects on AI in a blockchain platform.Stay connected with our skilled professionals.

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