CANLEAD —smart way to share and earn! Tokenizing Opportunities

CANLEAD —smart way to share and earn! Tokenizing Opportunities

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Technology does not stand still. Electronic currency appeared on the Internet. Moreover, not tens, but hundreds, thousands of cryptocurrencies Modern technology is something that can benefit us in life. It is hard to imagine that 1520 years ago there were no smartphones. People called up only on a fixed city phone. Today everything has changed. Cryptocurrency is another technology. This concept appeared several years ago. However, this technology has proven to be very useful and oriental. It starts from everyday payments and ends with protective data. The functioning of cryptocurrencies is based on blockchain technology. All this information can be involved in this system, and anyone can become a member of this system. This can lead to the appearance of such a system is almost impossible. The advantages of developing projects in this system are obvious. Digital currency does not require central management. Transactions on the blockchain are performed anonymously using a special key; completed transactions, transactions cannot be canceled. Information about cryptocurrencies is presented in the form of blocks of a continuous network. Currently, there are many possibilities for obtaining various types of current built on the blockchain. Currently, all financial and financial companies are more and more involved in the financial sector. CANLEAD keeps up to date and a platform based on blockchain technologies is being created. The platform offers a smart way to share and earn! Below is the project rating on popular cryptocurrency platforms


Canlead Limited was registered on the 14 December 2016 in the United Kingdom (Reg №10524761) to provide software and services. Canlead has built and maintained the Canlead platform beta version since 2018. Qindel Group is a technology consulting partner based in Madrid, Spain is working in conjunction with Canlead, utilising their technology know-how to strengthen our capability. We are committed to building a Web 3.0 sharing economy application platform and contributing to the 4th industrial revolution. As a result, Canlead is investing in the future development of the distributed ledger technology, blockchain, A.I. and leading the community towards a better and smarter future. Referral, recommendation and word of mouth have been the norm in how people refer other people in both marketing and recruitment since the beginning of their existence. Today, technology advancement has reached a point where an opportunity could be tokenized, shared, referred and earned in a decentralised network. With this realization, Canlead aims to incentivise people to share and earn from any opportunity they may find on-chain. The company operates on a London platform for the exchange of vacancies and business opportunities, accessible through websites and mobile applications. Users can use the app to refer people to job or business service opportunities, and make money. Canlead comprises of a strong management team who is innovating and disrupting the traditional job and recruitment industry. Our job opportunity-sharing economy model is inspired by Uber ride-sharing and Airbnb accommodation-sharing. Canlead self-governed ecosystem is unique where everyone is incentivised to harmonise their community, to prevent bogus profiles, fake adverts and false payments. What Is CAND Token Canlead is introducing the CAND Token to the job and business OPPORTUNITY-SHARING economy, helping you refer people to opportunities and rewarding successful referrals. The CAND Token is a UTILITY token, people earn CAND by performing certain tasks in the network or they can buy CAND to get access to the opportunity they want from the Platform.


CAND is a service token and coin of opportunity. It is used for all transactions among members of the Canlead ecosystem. Below are the details of IEO


Tokens will be distributed and the funds raised will be according to the following principle


Canlead is the first AI-powered blockchain sharing platform where every Headhunter. Canlead lists allow customers to exchange job opportunities and service opportunities on the Canlead platform all without a win and no fee. Invite friends, create communities. Canlead Explore allows the referrer to seek employment opportunities on the Canlead platform so that they can send suitable candidates to the client. Canlead Chat allows you to chat with each other, arrange meetings and arrange private gatherings.

There is a ready-made application, thanks to which you can now register and start earning

To date, the team is following the planned project development schedule


This large-scale project is managed by experienced experts from the data center, cryptocurrency industry, and reputable financial experts with many years of experience.


Project partners


After the full formation of the program, you have the opportunity to remain a participant in the project and receive part of the companys profits as a holder of the CAND token. Save money by hiring people or selling solutions; earn money by attracting candidates, business opportunities or jobs; get more features when searching. Canlead allows you to create your own social and professional network and community so that you can increase your net worth. Canlead understands the value of human capital, social networks and offers some of the best features of social networks that will allow you to monetize your social network in your own way. Canlead are independent agents or freelancers. All this makes CANLEAD attractive!


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