How To Launch an ICO on Tezos

We had a brief discussion in the previous article about why tezos will be the future of ICO's, by going back to the history and evolvement of Initial coin offerings.

Posted September 9,2019 in Science and Technology.

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Tezos Blockchain

Tezos is the first on-chain governance blockchain network that works based on self-amendment of blockchain protocols to initiate the changes in p2p distribution between the stakeholders. The highlight of Tezos is the stakeholders or participants insides the network can vote on the proposed amendments and can change the voting procedure. Tezos allows developers and stakeholder to propose changes in amendments, after the verification the proposed protocol will be implemented into the system. Tezos is the first blockchain that initiates the collective decision-making process.

So, this is how the generic description of tezos will describe its specialties. Now, let's discuss how to launch ICO On Tezos.

The session is gonna cover below topics,

  1. Steps to Launch ICO on Tezos
    • Create Tokens on Tezos.
    • Prefer the right token standard.
    • Make a whitepaper that explains the purpose of ICO.
    • Create a token issuance portal.
    • Market your Token.
    • Launch your ICO.
  2. Successful ICO's that are powered by Tezos
  3. The benefit of Launching ICO on Tezos
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