Galaxy Watch Review - A Smart Watch for Sports

Galaxy Watch Review - A Smart Watch for Sports

Posted September 9,2019 in Science and Technology.

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Along with the flagship Galaxy Note 9 , Samsung introduced a new smart watch - the Galaxy Watch. The device is a direct descendant of the Galaxy Gear S3, runs on the Tizen proprietary operating system and supports wireless charging.

The Galaxy Watch comes in a 42- and 46-mm steel case, can work in LTE networks and will last on a full battery charge for several days. You can charge a smart watch wirelessly - using the Duo brand site, where you can place a smartphone with them.

Specifications Galaxy Watch:

Display: AMOLED with a resolution of 360 360 pixels. 1.3 inches in the 46 mm version and 1.2 inches in the more compact version;
Processor: dual-core Exynos 9110 with a clock frequency of 1.15 GHz;
Memory: 1.5 GB of RAM and 4 GB of user space for applications and music;
Operating System: Tizen OS 4.0;
Sensors and sensors: accelerometer, heart rate sensor and light sensor;
Wireless networks: Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi b / g / n, GPS and NFC for Samsung Pay;
Battery: 472 mAh on the 46 mm and 270 mAh on the 42 mm version.
Galaxy watch

Like other Samsung smart watches, the Galaxy Watch presented syncs with the smartphone, monitors various user activities, helps in training, and can connect to wireless headphones. The last opportunity is implemented for sports: the watch has a built-in memory, which you can save several hundred songs, and then listen to them in the headphones for training.

Smart watches can motivate the user to achieve established goals for health, excellent health and good physical condition. In the fitness tracker of the device, 21 exercises for training in the gym and 39 different workouts have been added. Galaxy Watch has a built-in calorie calculator with a set of recommendations for a balanced menu based on user-defined weight targets.

The display of the device is covered with a protective glass Corning Gorilla Glass DX +, and the case has protection against water with a pressure of up to 5 atmospheres. One of the main features of the new product is the Connected Health feature. She will constantly monitor your heart rate and overall well-being in order to promptly warn about possible health problems.

Despite the growing popularity of smart watches, Qualcomm, which develops hardware platforms for Wear OS devices, has not released new processors since 2016. Recently, the network even discussed the fact that the manufacturer is no longer interested in this market, which largely depends on it. Fortunately, as it turned out today, Qualcomm still remembers the Android watch and is going to help their development.

The manufacturing company invited reporters to a presentation scheduled for September 10 in US San Francisco. According to the invitation poster, the event will be dedicated to the new processor for smart watches running on the Google operating system - Wear OS, which until recently was called Android Wear.

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