STORICHAIN — protect your intellectual property, create stories!

STORICHAIN — protect your intellectual property, create stories!

Posted July 7,2019 in Economics and Trade.

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Investments There are many investment options, some of which are relatively new technologies, for example, the blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency based on it are the newest technologies that can simultaneously shake a number of industries and investment markets. Cryptocurrency is a digital payment tool, protected from copying and modification. Digital currencies are created, applied without external and internal management, they have no central management. Transactions on the blockchain are performed anonymously using a special key; completed transactions, transactions can not be canceled. Information about cryptocurrency is presented in the form of a continuous chain of blocks, the last of which stores data from a previously valid block, which ensures network continuity. Currently, there are many opportunities to capitalize on the potential of various types of tokens built on the blockchain. The usefulness of tokens has increased significantly and improved over the past year, and since the blockchain is increasingly being introduced into the financial sector, it is natural that companies and investors are looking for ways to use it that will benefit them for many years. Storichain also keeps up with the times Thus, Storichain a blockchain-based platform, a protocol of the DApp and storytellers agreements, which creates stories, distributes and manages IP stories.

The term storytelling industry refers to an industry that uses stories as the source of your products and includes areas such as movies, dramas, web novels, web dramas, plays, musicals, and radio stations. The problem in the industry is the problem of profit sharing. Storichain can be seen as a digital history asset management system that allows people to make transactions online, even with unreliable individuals, by signing a theft prevention agreement. Storichain begins by creating a database of token values ​​to create stories that ultimately seek to reduce the value of trust between the story industry writers, production companies, and readers. This will make Storichain more transparent in the process of creating the proposed work from the source material by eliminating the existing injustices in the industry and creating new values. We live in the narrative world, having dozens of stories a day, web cartoons, web novels, plays, films, musicals, etc .; we share stories, cry, laugh; sometimes give advice on the story through additions. The authors gain the power of their sympathy, express their gratitude and even take into account their advice. Communication between writers and readers has become a necessary basis for creativity in the online era. Storichain is trying to make this communication between writers and readers a fairer, more reliable contract to create the value of assets. Storichain is a protocol that provides a contract for history contracts. Users can change their position in the story chain ecosystem as writers, producers, and readers, as well as participate in creating stories before they are published as separate media such as films, dramas, cartoons, and games. In addition, if you can receive a reward for the users weekly contribution before selling the copyright, and if the story in which you participated is sold for a second production, such as publication, video, DApp) and Ethereum, as the main network.

Storichain aims to study and develop stories as a form of intellectual property. A historical industry can be defined as an industry that includes the work of narrators and actions that use the stories created for various purposes. In 2014, storytelling revealed an industry that creates added value through products and companies based on research, discoveries, planning, development, creation, dissemination and dissemination of stories that are viewed as a source of imagination and creativity. Storichain does not save the original textual history data in the blockchain. This is due to the fact that Storichain considers the contribution at the stage of creation and transaction, as well as the transfer of ownership of the story more than the text / graphic data of the story itself. No one can prevent a person from distributing text content, because he only needs to take a picture of his monitor and distribute it wherever he wants. Rather than simply preventing such actions, Storichain believes that it is more important to prove the value of the authors efforts by systematically measuring who contributed to the story, when and how you contributed to the transfer of property and how Much each creator contributed to the story case of cooperation. Storichain calls this data type metric activity. Since activity indicators are used to distribute profits from a story, they cannot be manipulated or manipulated. In addition, activity indicators are also used as a basis for calculating the growth index, which is used to determine the value of the underlying asset of a story. This will be the basis for the distribution of profits. Storichain follows blockchain technology, which expands trust between subscribers and their borders in unanticipated areas. Blockchain provides trust beyond borders and ideologies, helping many industries simplify the problems they have faced in the past and offer new solutions. The company seeks to introduce the blockchain into the story industry to create a world in which everyone can feel satisfied, taking on some of the responsibility. In order to gradually implement this philosophy, the company identified the current problems of the industry in order to find new solutions.

1 TORI = about 0.0034 ~ 0.0035USD
Initial sale: 600 million TORI
Sale B: 420,000,000 TORI
For Sale C: 360,000,000 TORI

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This large-scale project is managed by professionals and reputable financial experts with many years of experience. All this makes Storichain attractive and distinguishes it from other ecosystems!

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