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What is Storichain?
A space where everyone can publish a secret situation in history with the protection of personal information

Posted July 7,2019 in Economics and Trade.

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The global market of trust management has grown by more than 250% in recent years, but the cryptocurrency market is still in its infancy, despite its active growth since 2017. The world of digital currencies opens up new opportunities for the whole world and humanity, expands horizons. The daily trading volume on cryptocurrency sites amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars, because cryptocurrency is the unchanging future, which is rapidly gaining the favor of the world community. In the world of digital currencies, projects are based on blockchain technology - a distributed database that conducts instant transfers, without waiting for confirmation of transactions, as in cases with banking operations, without unnecessary and unnecessary costs, this technology also protects against various frauds. The use of unique technology blockchain allows you to move to a new level. Companies spend ICO, IEO, STO promote their projects, popularize cryptocurrency in all possible ways. STORICHAIN ​​also keeps up with the times and offers a platform where creators can easily share their own creative stories and manage the distribution of intellectual property (IP) of their creative stories.

What is Storichain?

- A space where everyone can publish a secret situation in history with the protection of personal information
- Refund is possible for unread parts! Scene Reaction, Exchange, Rating, Recommendation
- Your deep contribution to creation is also based on your reaction!
- Cut-in Talk: a comment between the lines of actors
- Remuneration if it is taken after giving an episode of privacy to the writer
- The distribution of copyright income as the growth index grows
- Animating Viewer for readers. Cryptoacter Change feature!

Also provides optimization for professional writers

- Professional creative tools for creating / distributing video scripts, web cartoons, web novels and interactive stories
- Illustration download feature for illustrator monetization
- Creation progress, recent contribution variations and story growth charts
- Group agreement between collaborators (translators, illustrators, acoustics, assistants), Smart NDA copyright protection, plagiarism detection
- Pre-written smart contract - sets of contract templates for revenue sharing based on the participant's contribution rate

Storichain, as a global business

- Financing video production / publishing
- IP trading history through growth charts, measured by the contributions of participants
- Gateway, a novice writer through the competition menu
Distribution and calculation of coupons based on cryptocurrency

Award based on narrative storytelling

- Open Stori: a menu of creating social stories for all who share their stories with narration.
- Contesting Stori: a competitive menu for amateur writers and an influential marketer
- Trading Stori: menus for buying and selling with a history of intellectual property
- Funding Stori: menus for raising funds for the production of secondary works, such as films, web cartoons, etc.

Storichain provides and develops a platform for ensuring the production activity of the plot industry and the corresponding compensation, i.e. using the data query, you can see whether you can add a creative story at any stage (before and after publication, or before and after the sale of copyrights) to create additional value to your story, the storyline to achieve a more equitable distribution of additional income. With the application on the platform (DApp), you can share your own creative stories and manage the distribution of the intellectual property of your stories. The history of the entire distribution management is to record all data via the blockchain, and it is difficult for third parties to interfere with it. DApp will provide professional tools for creating open stories, video scripts, online comics and more, which can be used by anyone to create stories, stories and transactions that can increase production costs.

The competent approach of the team, which is the foundation of Storichain, and the implementation of the planned stages will do its job and this project will win a well-deserved place in the world of cryptocurrency.

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