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Hello, everyone in this group CryptoSocio at network! Today, I want to share with you very interesting and very useful information about yellA project.
Just have a look at the example of one flyer (attached to this post), that was made by some of our project participants and you will understand a lot.
Telling shortly, yellA - is the first decentralized promotional agency in the world.
So, if you have any business, or project, or company or just dream, you can easily apply to any agent - and he will help you with the promotion.
More details of all the process are described in this post You will finв there also the client application form, which can be filled up in one minute.
Moreover, anyone can join the project and become a part of it performing many roles - from agent to writer and publisher.
I know, that here, in this group are many people, who will be very useful in the project exactly at this time, as we steel need agents, writers that can write in many local languages, and publishers, who have their own media - like this group, for example. But it is also very good if you have your own blog/website/channel which is visited by many users daily.
To start earning with them you will have just to write one article (like this one) and send it by a special form for accreditation. This form you can easily get in one of our working groups in Telegram, that is also mentioned in the article above. So everything is very easy and very promising.
You have just to spend a few minutes in order to get into things.
I do know many of you personally, that is why I recommend not to waste time, but get aware of this information and start doing something. There is no need to wait until bitcoin will fly to the moon, and you can do something profitable for you just now. So, don't waste time, but read the article and join our project as a client, or as a partner. And you will not miss about it) I hope you will like this post and share it with your friends (maybe they are interested in this information too)
yellA starts – Crypto Social Networks

yellA starts – Crypto Social Networks

Have you heard about yellA?  This project will start working on the 1st of March 2019. It is the first decentralized media project, that will help to promote any business, startup or project. Nowadays it is very difficult to find any service that uni