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This is a very important and urgent communication.

I see that you sort of endorsed them. YouTube video disclosed the essential evidence on the QuickX protocol founder was playing a big role in Crypto Advise.
For detailed explanation about the scam pls visit

Attach the link below the title area - https://medium.com/@jenneferde....lorito/crypto-advice
🔥End of collaboration with Crypto Advice and QuickX must read!!🔥

Cryptonity, to this day, hasn’t received any funds from the token sale, which has been exclusively sold on the Crypto Advice platform. We urge all the investors that participated in the ICO to ask for a refund on their investment from Crypto Advice. Again, we are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience caused and we hope that everything goes back into order as soon as possible for everyone.

Check the link for more information: https://medium.com/@Cryptonity....Exchange/end-of-our-

P.S: Cryptoadvice will say that quickx will build the exchange rather than refund people. They say that QuickX will build the exchange rather than refunding people.

🔥Spread The News!!!🔥
End of our collaboration with Crypto Advice and QuickX

End of our collaboration with Crypto Advice and QuickX

Dear community, we are sincerely sorry to announce that we decided to end our collaboration with Crypto Advice and QuickX, even though our token sale is not over yet. The reason for this important…
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