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English Language Tutor, copywriter, crypto-evangelist. You are welcome to join my project and telegram channel Crypto Coins Free



English Language Tutor, copywriter, crypto-evangelist. You are welcome to join my project and telegram channel Crypto Coins Free

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Solidar Club Secret

Dear friends! Today you will learn about the main secret of Solidar Club and why you urgently need to take part in club's activity. Moreover, now I will tell you about how to start doing that.

Perhaps, you already know that the experts and investors of the club choose only the best projects for receiving passive and active income for all of us. You also know that each company with which we work provides us with one (or three) accounts free of charge to distribute profits to all club members.

But this is not the most important and not the most pleasant. If you still do not understand what I'm talking about, then my answer is - Millz System. If you want to imagine what it is, you can compare it with the blood in the human body.

Millz cryptocurrency is a coin created using the Minter blockchain. It is with its help that the remuneration system of the Solidar club leaders is created, and also all motivating actions are developed on its basis.

Of course, you can register on the website and wait until personal cabinte will be created. It will be created soon, according to road map.Its dashboard will reflect all your profits for all projects. But you can also start not waiting that. I want to remind you that at the moment, registration in MillZ System and in other projects takes place on this page on the Levelnaut website. This information is for my international team.

In order to start making profit and passive income you need to have just about 15-20$ and exchange them for BIP cryptocurrency, the main coin of the Minter blockchain. This is approximately 500 BIP coins and you can start with them even before the reward system for the leaders and members of the club starts working. You can read all the details in the instructions, which are also on the above page. if you do not have this money, then you can easily earn it using the sites indicated on the banners of the Levelnaut website.

By the way, any owner of the project or business can also join us from the very beginning and create his own cryptocurrency by means of the Minter blockchain. I remind those who do not yet know - the transaction speed in the Millz System is UP TO 5 SECONDS (using the BIP coin). There is already a huge network of shops and services that work with this coin. This is the main secret. And also that you can start acting right now.

Boris Siomin,
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26.09 - Conference at Solidar club

On September 26, 2019, at 15.00 (Moscow Time), the next Solidar Club International Online Conference will be held.

For the first time in history! Leaders of large world teams unite in one community to profit from all business projects that appear on the market!

All your leads will take part in the same projects as you! Super system of team pools! Everyone can tell about their business to the target audience. Keep up to date with all world trends! Join us, watch the presentations, and speak yourself!

There also will be an introduction of our club members and new business partners from Egypt, Myanmar, Mozambique and many other countries.

You will learn about new profitable projects and promising start-ups, potential areas of Solidar Club activity.

I would also like to remind, that in early October, all club members will receive the first payments for their participation in the project and this event will be broadcast online.

This month, our club has opened chats and groups in many languages and in the near future there will be more. Also, all project participants will have their own rooms, in which statistics will be displayed.

You can find all the necessary information, as well as a link to the conference, on the page of my personal team in the Solidar club so I recommend you to subscribe to my blog once again to keep abreast of events.

And as usual, you will find many surprises and gifts. Do not miss this meeting, plan your visit to the conference in advance and invite all friends of your team members to it.

Boris Siomin,
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Hola, amigos!

Why is the title of this article Spanish? Someone already guessed, and someone else not, so let's reveal the secrets.

This is due to the fact that one of the most powerful business projects of 2019 - Solidar Club enters the Spanish-speaking market.

How will all this happen? To begin with, club members who speak Spanish will gather in our working group on Skype and this will happen next Friday, at 12.00 (Moscow time) The meeting will be held in voice mode, therefore each of its participants will be able to introduce themselves, tell a few words about themselves and name the business that he does on the Internet.

After that, participants will receive the address of the address of the Spanish working group at Solidar Club and their meetings will be held on a regular basis every Thursday, at 12.00 (Moscow time)

As you already know, dear readers, the club’s schedule of meetings includes regular meetings in Polish and Turkish. Their official opening will occur according to the same scheme. Solidar India group will also begin its work on this principle, but next week.

In the very near future we plan to organize regular meetings for working groups in Portuguese, German, French and Italian.

As previously expected, Solidar Club is waiting for a very hot autumn, there will be a lot of organizational work. Therefore, I invite to my personal team primarily people who speak foreign languages.

In addition to the usual freelance work, these people will have the opportunity to become members of the Solidar Club and receive passive income from all the club’s activities, from all those businesses and companies with which the club’s management now concludes numerous agreements.

Try to skip the main trend of 2019 and join this project at the very beginning. Subscribe to my blog, where I will continue to tell you about the hottest news of this project.

Boris Siomin,