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English Language Tutor, copywriter, crypto-evangelist. You are welcome to join my project and telegram channel Crypto Coins Free



English Language Tutor, copywriter, crypto-evangelist. You are welcome to join my project and telegram channel Crypto Coins Free

18 Tage - übersetzen
Plans for the summer

The title of this article sounds strange. June is over, and I'm just starting to talk about plans for the summer. On the other hand, there is nothing unusual, we all need rest, so we will not take into account June as a working month.

So, what awaits the project ahead? What will be implemented and planned for the remaining two months? Now you will know about it.

We will continue, of course, the development of the CryptoDealer project, which is dedicated to the most profitable and long-term investments in the crypto world. Unfortunately, the task is not as simple as it may seem at first glance, and you yourself know perfectly well the reason, it is called instability. But anyway, the information is collected and processed and soon you will get the first results, dear readers.

In addition, for the remaining two months of summer, there is a huge amount of work to verify previously published information. All listings will be carefully checked and updated. In this case, I mean - the main list of cryptocurrency networks, the List of Potential crypto social networks, Affiliate programs and Closed social networks.

Naturally, in the course of this work other lists will be updated - My Media, Crypto Socio Groups and many other lists.

I very much count on the help of the Levelnaut community, on all fans of the crypto social community, on the readers and subscribers of the website. If you have any new information or you notice an inaccuracy in the old lists, a big request to report about it in the comments. And if you have not yet joined our community, now is the most suitable moment for this. In this case, you will always see all the updates in question.

There is one more question that I would like to discuss with you, dear members of the Levelnaut community. How do you feel about giving an interview to and answering 5 questions - about who you are and what you do in the crypto world? If any of you are ready to do this, please let us know in the comments.

And as usual, I prepared something for you for dessert. I am pleased to publish for you a link to a new crypto social network, which is called Taklimakan. But as I said above, there will be a lot of similar news after the summer update.

Boris Siomin,
22 Tage - übersetzen
Crypto Future

I think that no one has any doubt that bitcoin is the future of the planet Earth, and blockchain is the most present today.

Humanity has realized that bitcoin is a decentralized, profitable, convenient and safe tool for mutual calculations. Even banks and regulators stopped resisting and began to actively adapt to new conditions.

It seems that experts predict that the price of this "crypto gold" will reach 20 and even 50 thousand dollars apiece.

If I am not mistaken, then this is already 14 in a row, the Bitcoin Ascent ToTheMoon and even the most stubborn skeptics cannot but agree that this is a trend.

At such a time it is very important to have time to jump into the car. If you do not have the opportunity to invest, then at least look into this topic and try what awaits you tomorrow. Otherwise, you will be doomed to the fate of the Papuans, whom travelers changed glass beads for valuable products.

The authors of the site and members of the Levelnaut community have long been following all the important news and offer many options for entering the topic, even for beginners.

Despite the fact that many projects during the growth of Bitcoin are closed for an understandable reason, there are still quite reliable and promising ways to achieve success.

I recommend to pay attention to the banners of the site, they are quite accurately focused on a variety of users. In addition, if you have already subscribed to news and updates, then also get the latest information.

As for the new interesting proposals, in my opinion the most interesting is the Ethereal project today and I even recommend my friends to open regional offices of this company. Ethereal in its work focuses on the blockchain TON, cryptocurrency GRAM and additional services for promotion in Telegram.

In my opinion, Telegram is much more serious and interesting than the same Facebook with Libra (a coin that in reality will be far from decentralization). But time will tell - who is who.

Boris Siomin,
28 Tage - übersetzen

Despite the fact that this article is called CryptoSolo - on social networks you will not find these links. I promised you that I will not publish any links in my articles. But all these links will be on the Levelnaut website and I will even make a special banner on the right side to make it convenient for you to find it.

Therefore, in all other social networks you can read only the announcement of this article. What will be published in it? Here you will find just a huge amount of useful information.

1. Here you will find statistics of all (or almost all) coins that are on the balance of my accounts in crypto social networks. This list and all these data will be supplemented and updated, especially if you comment on it.

2. Here you will find a detailed list of projects that are best suited for individual work and for investment. You can even find out about the project, with which you can buy your own home in the seaside resort.

3. Also here you can find the most important links of the Levelnaut website, which are necessary for working with cryptocurrency and with social networks.

Therefore, I wish all readers of the Levelnaut website success and good money, and I strongly recommend everyone else to subscribe to this site and be always up to date with the most interesting projects.

Boris Siomin,
1 Monat - übersetzen
Two new projects

I did not write anything last week, but I have an explanation about this. However, you probably guess this. After all, if I do not write, then I am preparing something new.

In short, these two projects will be called CryptoSolo and CryptoDealer.

Although is dedicated to crypto social networks, there are many other useful information. And this too can be easily explained. Having a good portfolio of coins of crypto social networks is very important (and soon we will continue to speak on this topic), but this is more relevant to the future tense than today.

And today everyone needs to somehow live and somehow survive. That is why, I will soon present on the site two new pages - CryptoSolo and CryptoDealer.

On the page CryptoSolo will be collected projects that allow you to make money alone, without referrals and without teams, quite real money, thanks to good strategies.

And the CryptoDealer project will help earn those who already have start-up capital and want to try their hand at fast projects, HYIPs and new promising crypto services that appear in the crypto world.

Naturally, all this time I selected only the best projects for CryptoSolo, including with the help of our group on the BestCrypto Telegraph.

As for CryptoDealer, here we have to constantly monitor everything that happens in the crypto world - there is simply no other way to succeed in this area.

At the moment, you can find a lot of useful lists and collections with the help of banners on - but I still strongly advise you to subscribe to site news so as not to miss anything of the most interesting in the near future.

Boris Siomin,